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Rectangle LED Open Sign Ouvert Sign
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Rectangle LED Open Sign Ouvert Sign

Model: 11010
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    Rectangle LED Ouvert Sign

    12Volt rectangle LED Ouvert sign with rich and vibrant red and blue color for brightness lighting.slim and light weight,energy efficient.Suitable for pub, pizza and coffee shops,restaurants and retail stores.

    More power options for LED open sign:Oval LED Open Sign, Rectangle LED Open Sign


      Mode:  11010  
      Voltage:  12V  
      Brightness:  1200 Mcd  
      Wattage:  3W  
      Color(s):  Ouvert in Red,Ribbon in Blue  
      Waterproof:  No  
      LED Lifetime:  100,000 Hour  
      Accessories:  One sets of metal chain  
      Box Shape:  Rectangle  
      Working Tem:  -40~+80 °C  
      Dimensions:  17" X 9"  
      Description :  Rectangle LED Ouvert Sign  


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