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Magnitude LED Driver & Power Supply

Magnitude Constant Voltage LED Driver

Magnitude Constant Voltage LED Driver

Magnitude linear LED driver including 20W-300W 12Volt 24Volt constant voltage indoor and outdoor LED lighting Class 2 power supply.

Magnitude LED Power Supply

Magnitude, the leader manufacturer of Dimmable LED magnetic drivers.Magnitude LED power supply is the best choice for applications which need dimming functions on AC side instead of installing a DC PWM dimmer after power supply.

  • Constant voltage 12Volt/24Volt magnetic dimmable LED driver and 12Volt/24Volt multi output Class 2 LED driver for home and commerical LED lighting projects.
  • They are equipped with primary and secondary auto-reset circuit breakers for double protection.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor LED tape-lighting,LED tube-lighting,recessed lighting and other applications.
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