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New RGB LED controllers for color-changing lighting fixtures

LED lighting company Solid LED introduces two new color changing RGB LED controllers with more features and precise color control for color changing RGB LED lighting fixtures.he new Chroma Flow PRO is the next generation of Chroma Flow RGB remote controls now with an included color wheel for immediate and precise color selection any time. 
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Apple On the Hunt for Lighting Partners in the Smart Home Sector

The growing smart home industry and intensifying competition has created new market situations, according to a Chinese language media report. Apple has released its first smart home management App HomeKit at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June this year. The company is developing partnerships with numerous top lighting manufacturers on the smart home project.
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LED Skin Regeneration System to Astonish Healthcare Market

MCI, Co., Ltd., a  Korean company developing and supplying skincare products with its own unique and dominant LED technology, has currently developed personal skincare equipment and launched it on the market.
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