LED Tape Lights Have Better Luminous Efficiency by Acriche 4

Seoul Semiconductor has introduced the Acriche 4, a new version of its alternating-current (AC)12volt LED products,such as 12V LED Tape Lights in major markets around the world. The company claims that the A4 offers “better luminous efficiency” than comparable DC-driven LEDs. The A4 devices have a color temperature of 3000K and efficiency of 75 lm/W, while also offering a high CRI of 85. Warm-white LED strip lights struggle to deliver high efficiency and high CRI simultaneously. The company said, “With the mass production of the Acriche A4 series, we will be able to provide both high-quality and normal-use markets with light sources that have exceptional performance and lower prices led-tape-lights-have-better-luminous-efficiency-20150513

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