What is Puck Lighting

Puck light is one of popular LED products beause of versatility! Pucks can be used anywhere you need a little extra illumination because they fit places other lights often can’t. For example, under cabinet puck lights can be used to create pooling light highlighting specific areas on your kitchen countertop. In addition, they are popular illuminating inside display cabinets or even special home decorations. Maybe there are a few dark niches or crannies that could really pop with some help from a little extra burst of light? LED Puck lights can be pretty small, but they can also emit a lot of light for their size.while puck lights can also be used to create broad, even illumination when spaced intermittently, and their compact shape suits them especially well to small spaces.So don’t discount them for being little – take advantage of it!  what-is-puck-lighting-20150601

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