Color Change RGB LEDs Had Effects on the Wind Turbine’s Performance

LEDs mounted onto the blades of a giant windmill near Munich, Germany, created agiant revolving multimedia installation in the run-up to Christmas 2009. Siemens and its lighting subsidiaries Osram and Traxon,together with multimedia artist Michael Pendry, created the Superstar, which had a span of nearly 70m and was visible from a distant of up to 30 km. Around 1000 Traxon Dot XL-9 lighting fixtures,each containing 9 Osram LEDs, were mounted on the rotor blades, requiring nearly 400 meters of power cables. The LEDs were fastened to the wind turbine blades with superglue used in space programs,since under windy conditions the LEDs are subject to forces up to 20G. Controllable by DMX as well as DVI input signals, the Dot XL fixtures were capable of showing RGB LED strip lights color-changing effects as well as medium-resolution video content. The LED lighting installation added 100 kg to each rotor blade, but tests showed that the LEDs had only a minimal effect on the wind turbine’s performance. Color-Change-RGB-LEDs-Had-Effects-on-the-Wind-Turbine's-Performance.

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Lumileds adds high-voltage mid-power Luxeon LEDs

Philips Lumileds has announced the Luxeon3535 HV LED family that, as the model suffix implies, operates from higher voltages; 24V and 48V versions are available. The higher forward voltage simplifies driver design because the voltage drop from the AC line power is less than in typical low-voltage LEDs, and the lesser difference can result in better efficacy. Lumileds is targeting what it terms space-constrained SSL applications including retrofit lamps, downlights, and wallmounted luminaires including sconces. LEDs

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