Panel Light Builds New Luminaires and Use Lighting in a Unique Way

According to Eran Fine of Oree Inc., there is a need in the market for LED panel lighting i.e. large surfaces of light that are ultrathin,lightweight, easy to integrate into a system, and offer uniform and controllable color and light intensity across the entire surface. Oree has developed technology that enables the conversion of LED point sources into a highly uniform surface within an ultra-thin structure. “LED panel lighting allows designers and architects to build new luminaires and use lighting in a unique way, opening the door to new applications,” said Fine. The OreeLED planar lighting module is the size and shape of a credit card, with a light-emitting area of ~50×50 mm. Oree has developed a modular approach to create a large surface of light that incorporates the different advantages of both edge-lit and backlit approaches. Each module is lit by a single multi-chip LED light source and has an optical efficiency> 60%, with an efficacy of 40 lm/w on the surface of the fixture. The maglite LED module thickness is 3.5 mm, and the weight is 8g. Th e OreeLED modules are designed to be combined, using a similar concept to roofing tiles, to build very large surfaces. A sensing and feedback mechanism inside each OreeLED module ensures uniformity over large surfaces and between many tiles. panel-light-builds-new-luminaires-and-use-lighting-in-a-unique-way

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