3M Double Sided Tape for Cell Phone Repair

3M double sided adhesive tape clean appearance, durable on interior mounting applications. Double sided tape apply to bonding, attaching, mounting and general Industrial. one roll of 3m double sided tape 1mm for mounting items up to five pounds, Ideal for mounting address plaques, signs, and more. Weather-resistant tape that holds securely to indoor or outdoor surfaces such as stucco and brick. This listing is for brand new 3M 9080 Hi-Temp Doubled Sided is sticky for LED Strip,LED cellphone LCD,touch screen, display, and pannel repair.3M double side adhesive tape made up of non woven fabric, acrylic acid adhesive, resist 120 centi-degree in short time, resist 90 centi-degree in long time.Made of non-woven cloth and coating with acrylic on both sides, half transparant color, very easy to operate, good durability, temperature withstanding, strong adhesive, waterproof.Have RoHS product certification. 3m-double-sided-tape-for-cell-phone-repair-20150531

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