New LED Manufacturing Design Concepts are Being Developed

New manufacturing concepts are being developed in hope to increase a simplified and cheaper manufacturing process flow that helps to empower all peers in the supply-chain with more economical operation and helps both LED wholesale suppliers and end-consumers to boost their ROI significantly. Variety of innovative concepts are created by LED manufacturers in order to reduce the costs and create more straight-forward methods according to researcher over at Semiconductor, eg 120volt waterproof LED rope lights. One concept is referred to as “design for manufacturing”, in which elements are simplified and standardized as much as possible as differentiation is pushed downstream in the process. Another manufacturing method is that of “design for cost”, where ownership or cost per lumen is favored over the end performance of the LED light. With this new rapid economical increase of potential for the LED market, there is an accompanying growing competition amongst industry players trying to propose new and efficient LED packaging models. new-led-manufacturing-design-concepts-are-being-developed-20150730

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