How To Make Poster Frames for Movie Advertising

I will tell you how to make poster frames in this articles.Firstly you should have a foam board which is sold at most craft or art supply stores. This large size is from an art store, try there to get a big one, depending on what size you need.We adhere the poster/map to the foam board with spray just wipe it off with a damp cloth when it does happen. we used binder clips to secure it to the board to keep the map down.In order to trim off the excess foam board, I used a long ruler and an rolling trimmer. I also used a piece of the trim since the ruler was not long enough. And glue wood end to end. You can use clamps to hold them. The glue won’t totally hold these corners together, but it will help. It also is good to lay the frame together upside down, meaning with the front on the ground, it will help with the next step. Although that is not what this picture is of! I used these corner pieces and wood screws to order to hold the corners together.Carefully drill them into the corners of the back of your frame.I used black gorilla tape to hold the map on the foam board in the frame.Movie poster advertising frames are completed.


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