LED Innovations Makes Our Lives More Convenience and Succinctness

From LED light for truck that drastically decrease lighting pollution in cities, to special insulating LED blankets for newborns to the recent media-covered innovations in micro-display LED technologies for face-wearable gadgets – the vast opportunities of LED technology are rapidly proving to the world that LED is indeed the future of much more than merely lighting. In addition to pretty much wiping out older, more traditional and harmful incandescent lighting, LED technology is changing the traditional perception of light in itself. LED technology is more than just light, it represents possibilities, revolution and hope in many sectors regarding savings, safety and sustainability.


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How To Install an LED Light Bar on the Roof of Truck

The truck installs off road LED light bar with a set of roof mount brackets. firstly you must get the light bar away from the roof that not be blocked by the roof skin right in front of it. Getting the light bar up and off of the roof makes your truck whole setup look great. Secondly you can put the light bar on position in a more usable way. To find out which vehicle specific light bar bracket to use, we should first contact Headlight Revolution. They know what works and what doesn’t can definitely get you set up with not only a light bar bracket, but also the right mounting and wiring components to make it all work. how-to-install-an-led-light-bar-on-the-roof-of-truck-20150606

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The Challenges in Offroad LED Lighting

There was also an excellent presentation by Mark Hand of Acuity Brands Lighting on the challenge of cost-effective LED offroad lighting.Hand stated that pole cost and installation dominates the up-front cost of street lights.So LED lights that allow greater pole spacing have a huge economic advantage that can trump energy savings. Hand described the problem depicted in Fig.2. The goal is to put an equal number of foot candles (Xfc in Fig. 2) on the ground regardless of the distance from the pole. But longer throws have a narrower beam and the inverse square loss for light vs distance applies.The off road lights must output 9 times the lumens to reach the far end of the last zone relative to the first, meaning that glare becomes a huge issue for greater pole spacing. The-Challenges-in-Offroad-LED-Lighting

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Audi 8 Apply LED Headlights Available

Audi has made LED headlights available as an optional extra on the new A8 with LED Light Bars. The low beams comprise 10 individual lens modules extending through the headlight in a distinctive arc known as the “wing” owing to its shape. Just below this is another arc of 22 white and 22 yellow LED lights for the daytime running lights (DRLs) and the turn signals.These appear to the viewer as homogenous,continuous nora tape light. Located above the “wing” are the high beams, whose light is generated by two powerful fourchip LEDs and a free-surface reflector system. Additional high-output LEDs generate the highway light and the cornering light. A separate fan and heat sink regulate the temperature of each headlight unit and prevent condensation.

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