How To Select Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

how to select under cabinet should know LEDs offer a potential energy savings of 82 to 93 percent compared to traditional lighting types,according to the Lighting Design Lab.With their small size and long service life – up to 100,000 hours – LEDs lend themselves to under cabinet lighting. Before you make the jump to under-cabinet LED lights, however, consider your space and your options. 1、Consider LED push lights for temporary or budget-friendly under-cabinet lighting. 2、Determine how much light you will need. As a point of reference, remember that kitchen counters – often lit by under-cabinet fixtures – need about 4 to 10 watts of power per foot with 5 mm LEDs or about 20 watts per foot with high-power LEDs. 3、3、Choose between flexible LED strip lights,rigid strip linear lights or low power LED pucks lights, both of which can suit for under-cabinet and display lighting.both of which cater to under-cabinet and display lighting. 5、Pick your color. 6、Select frosted lenses for uniform, diffuse light or clear lenses for narrow, concentrated distribution. 7、Determine your budget.



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New LED Manufacturing Design Concepts are Being Developed

New manufacturing concepts are being developed in hope to increase a simplified and cheaper manufacturing process flow that helps to empower all peers in the supply-chain with more economical operation and helps both LED wholesale suppliers and end-consumers to boost their ROI significantly. Variety of innovative concepts are created by LED manufacturers in order to reduce the costs and create more straight-forward methods according to researcher over at Semiconductor, eg 120volt waterproof LED rope lights. One concept is referred to as “design for manufacturing”, in which elements are simplified and standardized as much as possible as differentiation is pushed downstream in the process. Another manufacturing method is that of “design for cost”, where ownership or cost per lumen is favored over the end performance of the LED light. With this new rapid economical increase of potential for the LED market, there is an accompanying growing competition amongst industry players trying to propose new and efficient LED packaging models. new-led-manufacturing-design-concepts-are-being-developed-20150730

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Networking Via Interior LED Light for Car

LED Lights for Cars used to transfer data and as an optical WLAN that is transmitting data at up to 800 Mbits/s was reported already back in 2011, but it’s very likely that we’ll see more innovative products where LEDs are being used together with wireless modules to create amazing applications to literally brighten up our daily lives. In combination with image replication and rendering, a future application of LED is also likely to be as 3D visual projector, which could give a completely new dimension to video conferencing and the ability to tele-port yourself to join in cyber meetings and in virtual 3D meeting rooms for real participants.

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Programmable Color Changing LED Christmas Lights for Your Holidays

The safety and energy savings of LED Christmas lighting are cheerful, but the best things about Christmas LED lights, is that they can do many things that traditional incandescent Christmas lights can not do. LED strip light and LED rope light can decorative Christmas.One of my favorite Chiristmas products is the LED strip light. This LED flexible strip light provide a brighter image to make your cheerful holiday amazing and impress friends and your guests, can brighten your rooms and Christmas trees.Which to create a beautiful indoor paradise. Single colors and color changing Christmas lighting for your home,room,holiday party,yard,patio and garden decoration. For the more “modern” decorator, who wants something new and different. Wow your friends and neighbors this year, with these energy efficient, and color changing, LED light strings!


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What is the Best Choice of LED Light for Truck?

Do you often get difficult problem on the dark roads when you driving? or Have you ever try to change the headlight of your truck with other lights? By two questions what makes you have to decide what you need to do. it has become unavoidable that all owner want to buy LED light for truck. What is the LED work light bar? A bar contains amount of lights suit for the bar’s size and the brilliant light is important to you when you have get difficult situations on the road at night. The LED work light with LED lighting is said to have advantages as lightweight, durable, energy-saving. Because of LED lighting is very durable when it’s in small power consumption and low temperature. Life expectancy is between 25,000 to 100,000 hours ,but high temperatures and high consumption life expectancy will decrease rapidly. It depends on working life of each kind of led light. For these features, more and more people are coming to LED light bar to change the vehicle’s lighting world.


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High Quality Multi Colored LED Rope Lights for Outdoor Decoration Lighting

120Volt LED rope light for your outdoor different decoration lighting.Perfect for garden, park,hall,yard,dock,bridge,deck,patio and path decorative lighting projects.The right outdoor lighting can add warmth to passager, light the walkway or create a stunning display for guests in the outdoor place. The reliability, long life and bright lighting enhance the beauty of the outside areas.
Different color 120Volt LED rope light for both residential and commercial lighting projects. Brighter, colorful, long lasting rope lighting are suitable for background lighting, christmas holiday lighting and building lighting. Enjoy your colorful light!


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How To Choose Multi Directional LED Work Light

12V-48VDC Cree and Espitar LED work light bar with flood beam and spot beam.LED work light lamps are designed to meet the demanding vibration levels of both large and small machines in a wide range of applications. With round,oval and square shape for different use selection. Also used as auxiliary driving lights,fog light for SUV bumper, fire engine and ambulance car. High quality diecast aluminum housing,durable to withstand any harsh conditions. Perfect for ATV, off-road vehicles, Jeep, SUV, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Truck, Tractor, Boat, Yacht, 4×4,Motocycle or heavy equipments.


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UL Listed Flexible LED Strip Light for Residential Decorative Lighting

We can use flexible LED strip light to decorative our home, such as kitchen, under cabinet lighting. Now I will talk about LED home lighting. Decorative your kitchen and give a good mode for cooking. waterproof LED strip lights add a classy, refreshing edge to kitchen counters, closets and any other edges you choose. Every 3-LED cuttable without damaging the rest strip for your different length use. The LED strip tape lights are just enough to be noticed but will not take too much attention away from your kitchen design.LED strip lights enhance the brighter space. And allowing you to never be in the dark in your kitchen again! LED lighting has become the standard for energy efficient lighting using a fraction of the light of a standard low voltage. Under cabinet LED lights are easy to install and low-maintenance for our customers. 5 meter ribbon light and 1 meter tape lights for you choose.


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The Advantages of DIY LED Grow Lights

LED lights are being employed in many sectors ranging from private use to home lighting, road lighting, airport illumination as well as in other technologies such as TV, cellphones and computers, another huge potential for LED lighting technology is in greenhouse settings.

To grow and flourish well for plants in a greenhouse,we must ensuring appropriate temperatures and correct brightness in order to optimize the process of photosynthesis.

many scientists have pay their attention on LED grow lights bulbs in order to further optimize and improve greenhouse conditions for plants.Comparing with traditional lighting systems the high-pressure sodium installments frequently used in the past,LED lighting has revealed many advantages.

The LED grow lights in greenhouse settings for plants have many advantages.LED lighting’s largest advantage for plants is its incredibly long lifetime compared to alternative illumination technologies. LED grow light systems have energy efficiency for greenhouse purposes.LED grow lights have the clear advantage of more heat than other lighting methods.



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Decorate Room Lighting With LED Light Strips

Your living room,bedroom,dining room will get a beautiful and colorful lighting with low power LED strip light. It is easy and simple to install the energy-saving LED light strips.No matter where you would like to install your LEDs with self-adhesive backing with adhesive tape.12Volt low voltage output for safety operation. Providing beautiful and warm bright lighting for your rooms.You can install around your bed, around the edges and insides of your wardrobe or even around the ceilings of your rooms.LED strip lights let you fully customize and optimize your room lighting to exactly how you feel most comfortable. decorate-room-lighting-with-led-light-strips-20150604

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