How To Select Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

how to select under cabinet should know LEDs offer a potential energy savings of 82 to 93 percent compared to traditional lighting types,according to the Lighting Design Lab.With their small size and long service life – up to 100,000 hours – LEDs lend themselves to under cabinet lighting. Before you make the jump to under-cabinet LED lights, however, consider your space and your options. 1、Consider LED push lights for temporary or budget-friendly under-cabinet lighting. 2、Determine how much light you will need. As a point of reference, remember that kitchen counters – often lit by under-cabinet fixtures – need about 4 to 10 watts of power per foot with 5 mm LEDs or about 20 watts per foot with high-power LEDs. 3、3、Choose between flexible LED strip lights,rigid strip linear lights or low power LED pucks lights, both of which can suit for under-cabinet and display lighting.both of which cater to under-cabinet and display lighting. 5、Pick your color. 6、Select frosted lenses for uniform, diffuse light or clear lenses for narrow, concentrated distribution. 7、Determine your budget.



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New LED Manufacturing Design Concepts are Being Developed

New manufacturing concepts are being developed in hope to increase a simplified and cheaper manufacturing process flow that helps to empower all peers in the supply-chain with more economical operation and helps both LED wholesale suppliers and end-consumers to boost their ROI significantly. Variety of innovative concepts are created by LED manufacturers in order to reduce the costs and create more straight-forward methods according to researcher over at Semiconductor, eg 120volt waterproof LED rope lights. One concept is referred to as “design for manufacturing”, in which elements are simplified and standardized as much as possible as differentiation is pushed downstream in the process. Another manufacturing method is that of “design for cost”, where ownership or cost per lumen is favored over the end performance of the LED light. With this new rapid economical increase of potential for the LED market, there is an accompanying growing competition amongst industry players trying to propose new and efficient LED packaging models. new-led-manufacturing-design-concepts-are-being-developed-20150730

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How To Make Poster Frames for Movie Advertising

I will tell you how to make poster frames in this articles.Firstly you should have a foam board which is sold at most craft or art supply stores. This large size is from an art store, try there to get a big one, depending on what size you need.We adhere the poster/map to the foam board with spray just wipe it off with a damp cloth when it does happen. we used binder clips to secure it to the board to keep the map down.In order to trim off the excess foam board, I used a long ruler and an rolling trimmer. I also used a piece of the trim since the ruler was not long enough. And glue wood end to end. You can use clamps to hold them. The glue won’t totally hold these corners together, but it will help. It also is good to lay the frame together upside down, meaning with the front on the ground, it will help with the next step. Although that is not what this picture is of! I used these corner pieces and wood screws to order to hold the corners together.Carefully drill them into the corners of the back of your frame.I used black gorilla tape to hold the map on the foam board in the frame.Movie poster advertising frames are completed.


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Best LED Chip Maker Epistar for LED Strips Light Bar/Tube Lighting

The best chip maker-Epistar Corporation ,has entered into a strategic equity investment and license agreement with Lynk Labs Inc., the US-based supplier of LED strips, light engine and power supply technology Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The companies will be developing new AC LED technology, and IP and products including single-chip and system-level solutions for the lighting industry.Lynk Labs’technology patent and product portfolio includes fundamental core AC LED circuits that can be integrated at the chip level as well as drive methods and product- or system-level solutions. Th e company’s first US patent, no. 7,489,086, was granted early this year. Epistar has been developing AC LED chips since 2004 and in March 2009.


LED Lights as High-Speed Internet Transmitters

With Lifi technology, an LED ceiling lamp can transmit data directly to the receiving device and broadband access will be made possible where it was not before, thus opening up for a myriad of new solutions for innovative LED marine & boat lights products. Pplications of this LED innovation will be seen in areas such as data transmission between receiving devices and cars or areas where radio communication may be difficult, such as large spaces as in the example of factory halls where important trade fairs may be hosted. In short, LED technology has just made a giant leap towards a whole new dimension of advantages and opportunities of the environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED light bulb. With how far LED lighting technology has come in the past few years, it is exciting to think how far we will be able to go with this new and revolutionizing data transmitting functionality in place.


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Networking Via Interior LED Light for Car

LED Lights for Cars used to transfer data and as an optical WLAN that is transmitting data at up to 800 Mbits/s was reported already back in 2011, but it’s very likely that we’ll see more innovative products where LEDs are being used together with wireless modules to create amazing applications to literally brighten up our daily lives. In combination with image replication and rendering, a future application of LED is also likely to be as 3D visual projector, which could give a completely new dimension to video conferencing and the ability to tele-port yourself to join in cyber meetings and in virtual 3D meeting rooms for real participants.

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Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting Become a Trend for Warehouse Lighting

Growing number of customers worldwide are enthusiastic about upgrading to LED lighting technologies.The only hurdle for achieving high volumes of orders for LED companies seems to be the relatively. As result,LED industrial lighting have been on the decrease over the past months and experts are working hard to optimize light emitting diodes in order to enhance brightness and to ensure that as few chips as possible are needed to manufacture each LED lighting product. As the science of LED technology advances and the competition on the market rises, LED manufacturers are aware that increasing sales volumes is only possible when lowering prices for the consumers and are therefore installing high-grade production techniques to ensure efficiency at low costs. industrial-outdoor-led-lighting-become-a-trend-for-warehouse-lighting-20150723

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