LED Lighting as Green Drive for Infrastructure Investments in North America

With the reduction of carbon of geographical regions, infrastructure investments is gaining in importance and focus. Investments in green infrastructure are on a steep rise in preparation for the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar in 2022. Some countries in the North American have banned incandescent light bulbs altogether, opening the door for the LED industry to take over as the largest and fastest growing lighting industry, eg 12volt flexible LED strip. Using up to 80% less energy than conventional light bulbs at an expected lifetime far beyond what any other lighting technology has reached so far, LED technology is at the heart of large-scale infrastructure investments which are all becoming more and more environmentally conscious with a higher focus on efficiency and the lowering of energy use than ever before.


What is Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aluminium extrusion profile surface mount housing provide light diffusion.Rigid and dustproof channel can be mounted on any flat surface. suitable for 10-12mm flexible LED strips or rigid LED light bars. LED lighting fixtures perfect for interior lighting, under cabinets, jewelry display case and showcase, glasscase or as a decoration lights mounted into ceilings and drywall. what-is-standard-aluminum-extrusion-profiles-20150729


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Programmable Color Changing LED Christmas Lights for Your Holidays

The safety and energy savings of LED Christmas lighting are cheerful, but the best things about Christmas LED lights, is that they can do many things that traditional incandescent Christmas lights can not do. LED strip light and LED rope light can decorative Christmas.One of my favorite Chiristmas products is the LED strip light. This LED flexible strip light provide a brighter image to make your cheerful holiday amazing and impress friends and your guests, can brighten your rooms and Christmas trees.Which to create a beautiful indoor paradise. Single colors and color changing Christmas lighting for your home,room,holiday party,yard,patio and garden decoration. For the more “modern” decorator, who wants something new and different. Wow your friends and neighbors this year, with these energy efficient, and color changing, LED light strings!


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LED Innovations Makes Our Lives More Convenience and Succinctness

From LED light for truck that drastically decrease lighting pollution in cities, to special insulating LED blankets for newborns to the recent media-covered innovations in micro-display LED technologies for face-wearable gadgets – the vast opportunities of LED technology are rapidly proving to the world that LED is indeed the future of much more than merely lighting. In addition to pretty much wiping out older, more traditional and harmful incandescent lighting, LED technology is changing the traditional perception of light in itself. LED technology is more than just light, it represents possibilities, revolution and hope in many sectors regarding savings, safety and sustainability.


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LED Mood Lighting Leads to Better Academic Performance

Mood lighting apparently has some amazing effects, and it seems that it even make kids study better, and as reported by the Guardian Mood lighting used to boost pupils’ academic performance at Surrey school and because commercial LED lighting or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductors that can be programmed to emit light at very precise wavelengths, colors and tones they make the ideal fundament for advanced mood lighting and advanced ambient light control and illumination technologies.


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Full Color Electronic Signs LED Display Using both Indoor and Outdoor

It can adjust the brightness of each pixel one by one and also adjusts the color of each pixel, thus making all pixel on the screen have great uniformity in both color and brightness. Bright/dark pathes and color spots are completely eliminated.The coor correction is based on the standard HDTV coordinates of high definition vedio, thus restoring the LED display sign pictures correctly and the most lifelike color in nature world.


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What is a Constant Current Power Supply?

HLG-120H/185H-C series (120V/350mA/500mA/700mA/1050mA/1400mA) single output constant current LED power supply possess up to 94% of high efficiency,so they can be cooled by free air convection from -25oC to +70oC ambient temperature.These two series have three options (A/B/D type) in different mechanisms and functions for your selection.For A type model, users can adjust the current range from 50% to 100% by internal potentiometer; B type equips with three-in-one dimming function (1~10VDC, PWM, resistance), while D type (optional model) equips with “multiple stage timer dimming” function that can be customized by request. Besides standard functions of protections for short circuit, over voltage, and over temperature, these power units comply with global certificates per UL/ CUL/ ENEC/ CB/ CE, including UL8750, ENEC EN61347-2-13, EN62384 of lighting regulations. Suitable applications include LED street lighting designed with single series connected LED strips and high driving voltage, LED tunnel lighting, LED spot lighting, LED high bay lighting.


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What is the Best Choice of LED Light for Truck?

Do you often get difficult problem on the dark roads when you driving? or Have you ever try to change the headlight of your truck with other lights? By two questions what makes you have to decide what you need to do. it has become unavoidable that all owner want to buy LED light for truck. What is the LED work light bar? A bar contains amount of lights suit for the bar’s size and the brilliant light is important to you when you have get difficult situations on the road at night. The LED work light with LED lighting is said to have advantages as lightweight, durable, energy-saving. Because of LED lighting is very durable when it’s in small power consumption and low temperature. Life expectancy is between 25,000 to 100,000 hours ,but high temperatures and high consumption life expectancy will decrease rapidly. It depends on working life of each kind of led light. For these features, more and more people are coming to LED light bar to change the vehicle’s lighting world.


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White LED Backlight Module Enhancement

Liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) combine a light source (the backlight unit, or BLU) with a liquid-crystal LED module lights channel letters . The BLU provides a uniform white sheet of light behind the LCM. The LCM contains millions of pixels, each of which is split into red, green, and blue subpixels. By controlling the amount of time each subpixel filter is open (allowing light to pass through it) and making use of the human eye’s persistence of vision, the LCD can display any color that can be rendered from a combination of red, green, and blue at each pixel location. The color filter on each subpixel separates its component color from the white light of the BLU. For example, the red color filter on the red subpixels blocks the green and blue light.


Best Commercial Warm White LED Flood Lights Outdoor Security Lighting

high quality and high efficient LED flood lights work up to 50000 hours and save up 80% energy, easy to install and convenient for maintenance. Adjustable angle of 120°,the beaming angle could be adjusted freely.CREE LED flood lights create bright,energy saving,long life lighting. The security LED flood light fixtures with patent design create super bright decorative illumination lighting for a variety of outside applications,including facade,hall,park,landscape and building,public square,passage and billboard.


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