3M Double Sided Tape for Cell Phone Repair

3M double sided adhesive tape clean appearance, durable on interior mounting applications. Double sided tape apply to bonding, attaching, mounting and general Industrial. one roll of 3m double sided tape 1mm for mounting items up to five pounds, Ideal for mounting address plaques, signs, and more. Weather-resistant tape that holds securely to indoor or outdoor surfaces such as stucco and brick. This listing is for brand new 3M 9080 Hi-Temp Doubled Sided is sticky for LED Strip,LED cellphone LCD,touch screen, display, and pannel repair.3M double side adhesive tape made up of non woven fabric, acrylic acid adhesive, resist 120 centi-degree in short time, resist 90 centi-degree in long time.Made of non-woven cloth and coating with acrylic on both sides, half transparant color, very easy to operate, good durability, temperature withstanding, strong adhesive, waterproof.Have RoHS product certification. 3m-double-sided-tape-for-cell-phone-repair-20150531

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Can I Cut LED Strip Lights by Yourself

It is first of all important to have a sharp pair of scissors, dull scissors can damage the PC Board To cut your Waterproof LED Strip Light. Each waterproof strip light will have a cut mark between the two pairs of copper connection pads. Once you have located this cut line you can then cut your LED Light Strip to the desired length. Be certain to make a clean straight cut without putting any additional stress on the PC Board, doing so can break the board making that 3 LED Section un-usable. can-i-cut-led-strip-lights-by-yourself-20150530

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Where Can I Buy a Light Box With ARC’S Control System

In USA,California,Los Angeles,Tulare,Gardena,National City,Cupertino,Huntington Park, there is LED dynamic ultra thin light box particularly created by ARC for the UNI-President Corp. Following the tea advertisement on April, 2013, ARC SSL. customized the milk advertisement for Union President Corp. Unlike the display of the traditional advertising light boxes, the dynamic lighting effects of the milk advertisement created by ARC SSL. based on the customer’s requirements and the advertising content, which utilizes the characteristics of the dynamic lighting effects not only to emphasizes the advertising appeal, but also makes it more vivid to enhance the advertising effectiveness significantly. ARC SSL. dynamic LED light box applies high quality LED sources with brightness and uniformity to avoid zebra striped shadows. As it is clear, long life and stable to reduce maintenance and installation costs.

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Flicker and LED Light Tube Reviewed by IEEE Group

An IEEE standards working group has produced a report looking at the health effects of flicker in LED tube strip lighting. The report,which is open for public comment, looks at ergonomics, biological attributes, potential health effects, and methods in which some LED lighting may introduce flicker.Brad Lehman, who chairs the P1789 working group, says the document is a survey report and gives no recommended practices or standards. “Its intent is to educate stakeholders on flicker with applications in flexible LED tube lighting as per the request of several government agencies,” he says The EPA recently revised the requirement for LED operating frequency in the Energy Star criteria for Integral LED light tube, changing it from 150 Hz to 120 Hz after input from interested parties. flicker-and-led-light-tube-reviewed-by-ieee-group-20150518

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Panel Light Builds New Luminaires and Use Lighting in a Unique Way

According to Eran Fine of Oree Inc., there is a need in the market for LED panel lighting i.e. large surfaces of light that are ultrathin,lightweight, easy to integrate into a system, and offer uniform and controllable color and light intensity across the entire surface. Oree has developed technology that enables the conversion of LED point sources into a highly uniform surface within an ultra-thin structure. “LED panel lighting allows designers and architects to build new luminaires and use lighting in a unique way, opening the door to new applications,” said Fine. The OreeLED planar lighting module is the size and shape of a credit card, with a light-emitting area of ~50×50 mm. Oree has developed a modular approach to create a large surface of light that incorporates the different advantages of both edge-lit and backlit approaches. Each module is lit by a single multi-chip LED light source and has an optical efficiency> 60%, with an efficacy of 40 lm/w on the surface of the fixture. The maglite LED module thickness is 3.5 mm, and the weight is 8g. Th e OreeLED modules are designed to be combined, using a similar concept to roofing tiles, to build very large surfaces. A sensing and feedback mechanism inside each OreeLED module ensures uniformity over large surfaces and between many tiles. panel-light-builds-new-luminaires-and-use-lighting-in-a-unique-way

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LM-80 the LED Lumen-Maintenance Testing Standard

IESNA published LM-80, the LED lumen-maintenance testing standard in October 2008, The purpose of LM-80 is to establish uniform test methods for lumen maintenance of LED light sources including LED packages, LED lighting modules.In turn, this allows a comparison of test results from various laboratories. LM-80 lists what data needs to be reported,but it does not specify how the data should be presented, nor does it address the uncertainty of testing equipment and repeatability of testing operations. With over a year of experience using the LM-80 standard, more evidence and data are available to analyze its impact. Increasingly, LED users realize and understand that LED lumen-degradation behavior in the first few thousand hours of testing, as specified in LM-80, cannot reliably be used to predict the much longer L70 life. L70 is the time taken for LED light output to fall to 70% of its initial value.In this same timeframe, many LED luminaire products have been qualified for Energy Star certification. The Energy Star criteria for luminaires (SSL v1.1) sets specific lumenmaintenance threshold values that must be achieved after 6000 hours (in contrast with LM-80, which prescribes a test procedure. LM-80-the-LED-Lumen-maintenance-Testing-Standard

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The Challenges in Offroad LED Lighting

There was also an excellent presentation by Mark Hand of Acuity Brands Lighting on the challenge of cost-effective LED offroad lighting.Hand stated that pole cost and installation dominates the up-front cost of street lights.So LED lights that allow greater pole spacing have a huge economic advantage that can trump energy savings. Hand described the problem depicted in Fig.2. The goal is to put an equal number of foot candles (Xfc in Fig. 2) on the ground regardless of the distance from the pole. But longer throws have a narrower beam and the inverse square loss for light vs distance applies.The off road lights must output 9 times the lumens to reach the far end of the last zone relative to the first, meaning that glare becomes a huge issue for greater pole spacing. The-Challenges-in-Offroad-LED-Lighting

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Rigid LED Lighting Show Healthy Growth

The total global market for LED lighting is expected to grow from $3.8 billion in 2010 to $8.3 billion in 2014,according to a new report entitled “rigid LED strips,Market Analysis & Forecast”from market-research firm Strategies Unlimited.Replacement LED lighting are analyzed separately, and the market for LEDs will exceed $10 billion in 2014. For many SSL applications, the quality of LEDs has improved to a point that performance is no longer an issue.Instead, the main issue is now the price of designing LEDs into luminaires. White LED lighting applications have been boosted by improvements in HB-LED performance and price;heightened awareness about energy efficiency;phasing out of incandescent LED bulbs;and fiscal stimulus undertaken by various countries around the world. Quality issues that affected the market penetration of previous energy-efficient LED lighting technologies continue to affect the SSL market. However, the resolve to reduce energy consumption is likely to propel LED technology to be widely commercialized. led-lighting-show-healthy-growth

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UL 8750 Safety Standard for LED Lighting is Published

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product safety certification organization based in Northbrook, Illinois, has published ANSI/UL 8750 “Safety Standard for LED Equipment for Use in LED Lighting Products.”The first-edition standard creates a global platform of safety requirements for LED lighting equipment as well as the entire supply chain of components used in lighting products employing LED technology.“UL 8750 provides manufacturers a single,much-needed safety standard for testing their LED products and related components sold in the United States,”said Alberto Uggetti, general manager, UL Lighting Business. In North America, several Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs), including UL itself, are authorized to conduct product safety testing and certifi cation of LED products according to standards that now include UL 8750.The evolution of LED lighting technology created the need to address potential safety concerns, including the risk of overheating, electric shock and fire. In response, UL hosted a lighting stakeholder summit with more than 100 representatives of industry,government and testing organizations to discuss the proliferation of LED technology and its future use in lighting design and manufacturing. Using the insight gained from the summit, UL published the first of three Outlines of Investigations, or safety requirements, in January 2007 , which eventually became UL 8750.

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Color Change RGB LEDs Had Effects on the Wind Turbine’s Performance

LEDs mounted onto the blades of a giant windmill near Munich, Germany, created agiant revolving multimedia installation in the run-up to Christmas 2009. Siemens and its lighting subsidiaries Osram and Traxon,together with multimedia artist Michael Pendry, created the Superstar, which had a span of nearly 70m and was visible from a distant of up to 30 km. Around 1000 Traxon Dot XL-9 lighting fixtures,each containing 9 Osram LEDs, were mounted on the rotor blades, requiring nearly 400 meters of power cables. The LEDs were fastened to the wind turbine blades with superglue used in space programs,since under windy conditions the LEDs are subject to forces up to 20G. Controllable by DMX as well as DVI input signals, the Dot XL fixtures were capable of showing RGB LED strip lights color-changing effects as well as medium-resolution video content. The LED lighting installation added 100 kg to each rotor blade, but tests showed that the LEDs had only a minimal effect on the wind turbine’s performance. Color-Change-RGB-LEDs-Had-Effects-on-the-Wind-Turbine's-Performance.

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