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150Watt Cree LED Flood Light - Outdoor LED Lighting Cool  White
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150Watt Cree LED Flood Light - Outdoor LED Lighting Cool White

Model: TG150-A
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    150Watt Cree LED Flood Light Cool White

    150Watt high quality cool white outdoor LED flood light TG150-A use CREE LED type to creat bright light.Flood lights are perfect for outdoor large sign illumination,shopping center,public square,gymnasia,exhibition hall,parking lot and stadium lighting projects.Weatherproof IP65 rating enclosures.Energy savings and environment-friendly design.With an adjustable angle of 120 degree,the beaming angle could be adjusted freely.

    More power options:10W 20W 30W 50W 70W 100W 200W for LED flood light.


      Mode:  TG150-A  
      Color Temp:  Cool White 6500K  
      Voltage(V):  36  
      Power(W):  150  
      Current(mA):  3500  
      Beam Angle:  120°  
      Lumen(Max):  13500Lumen  
      LED Type:  CREE  
      LED QTY:  300PCS  
      Way of series-Parallel:  25P12S  
      Protection Rating:  IP65  
      Size(mm):  L315xW274xH151.9  


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