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12Volt On Wire LED PWM Dimmer - Black
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12Volt On Wire LED PWM Dimmer - Black

Model: 03004-1
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    12Volt On Wire LED PWM Dimmer - Black

    Universal single channel LED dimmer can dim any 12VDC LED lights from 0 to 100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit knob controlled. Has male and female 5.5mm DC connectors for connecting in-line with our AC/DC power adapters. Maximum load is 2 amps. Available with black or white versions.Dimmer is a controller that it can adjust brightness infinitely,its control mode is knob-operated control, you could adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need.

    More options for LED PWM Dimmer:Single Channel,Touch Sensor, 3 Circuit RGB


      Type:  Single Color Dimmer  
      Voltage:  12~24 VDC  
      Channel:  1 Channel  
      Dimensions:  61x33x32 mm(L*W*H)  
      Working Temperature:  -20~60℃  
      Output Power:  12V<24W;24V<48W  
      Output Current:  <2 A  
      Weight:  30 g  


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