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100Watt Cree LED Flood Light - Outdoor LED Lighting Warm White
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100Watt Cree LED Flood Light - Outdoor LED Lighting Warm White

Model: TG100-A
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    100Watt Cree LED Flood Light Warm White

    100Watt high quality warm white color LED flood light TG100-A use CREE LED type to creat bright light.Flood lights are perfect for outdoor park,,shopping center,public square and passage,exhibition hall and building lighting projects.Weatherproof IP65 rating enclosures.Energy savings and light efficiency design.With an adjustable angle of 120 degree,the beaming angle could be adjusted freely.

    More power options:10W 20W 30W 50W 70W 150W 200W for LED flood light.


      Mode:  TG100-A  
      Color Temp:  Warm White 2700K  
      Voltage(V):  30  
      Power(W):  100  
      Current(mA):  3000  
      Beam Angle:  120°  
      Lumen(Max):  9000Lumen  
      LED Type:  CREE  
      LED QTY:  200PCS  
      Way of series-Parallel:  20P10S  
      Protection Rating:  IP65  
      Size(mm):  L270xW250xH143.9  

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